stock or real estate investment, instead of investing in their main business, which is not recommended. What we should encourage is tha t companies should finance R&D and technology, which is conducive to economic development. Cai Fang, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences What lies behind the economic slowdown is the disappearance of the demographic dividend, which has ca used a decline in the potential growth rate, meaning there is no longer a gap between actual growth rat es and potential rates. Now, the natural unemployment rate has climbed from 4 to 5 percent, indicating there is no cyc lical unemployment atRead More →

 Institute and vice president of the China Society of Economic Reform Structural reform on the supply side and the macro adjustment to the demand-side can be done at the same time. While we must push forward with reforms continuously, whenever there are econom ic fluctuations, it is still necessary to take some macro-control measures. That’s what developed countries and market-economy countries have done to stabilize their economies over the years. We can’t hold back some necessary adjustment me asures on the demand side just because supply-side reform fails to see results. We need action on both sides. When we discuss reforms, don’t forget that ifRead More →

China on Monday released a grand plan for the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, aiming to build a global economic and te chnological powerhouse in the country’s south region that could be on par with bay areas in New York and San Francisco. The development plan for the Greater Bay Area, which was released by the State Council, China’s cabinet, outlined China’s eff orts to build an open community for coordinated innovation in the region, develop quality innovation and t echnology carriers and platforms, and enhance the environment for innovation in the region. The Greater Bay Area, which spans nine cities inRead More →

with China’s overall development plan,” said Chen.The guideline covers the period from now to 2022 in the near term and extends to 2035 in the long term. By 2022, a first-class international bay area with urban clusters should be basically established, fe aturing outstanding innovation ability and beautiful environments. By 2035, high-level interconnectivity in the ma rkets in the Greater Bay Area should be realized with synergized regional development. The grand plan calls for measures to strengthen cooperation in innovat ion and technology, enhance the building of basic innovation capacity, improved the in-depth integration of industries, academia and research, and deepen reform of innovation systemsRead More →

After Chinese sportswear brand Li-Ning returned to the catwalks of New York Fashion Week for the second time ever on February 12, the appearance quickly be came a hot topic of discussion on social media in China. Several years ago, Li-Ning probably never dared imagine that i ts products could become so popular among young people in China. However, not only has the company found great suc cess with this demographic, it has also pushed many older Chinese brands to explore new paths to young people’s hearts. Bumps along the way The company gets its name from Li Ning, the pride of China. With 14Read More →

Nigerians on Saturday expressed disappointment at the electoral body’s postponem ent of the presidential election few hours to the commencement of voting in the country. Mahmood Yakubu, chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), announced the shift ing of the polls until Feb. 23 at a midnight press conference, saying the scheduled proceeding of the voting was not “feasible.” “Following a careful review of the implementation of its logistics and operational plan and the determination to conduct free, fair, and credible elections, the Commission came to the co nclusion that proceeding with the elections as scheduled is no longer feasible,” Yakubu said. Likewise, theRead More →

The M2, a broad measure of money supply that covers cash in circulation and all deposits, ro se 8.4 percent year-on-year to 186.59 trillion yuan at the end of January, according to the PBOC. The M2 growth was 0.3 percentage points up from the level at the end of December. The narrow measure of the money supply (M1), which covers cash in circulation plus demand deposits, rose 0.4 percent year-on-year to 54.56 trillion yuan by the end of last month. New yuan loans made to households reached 989.8 billion yuan last month, while t hose to non-financial enterprises and government institutions totaled 2.58 trillion yuan.Read More →

Experts said the Spring Festival holiday was the major factor behind the significant drop in property sales perfor mance nationwide in the first month of 2019 and did not necessarily represent a negative market trend for the industry. According to Centaline Property Agency’s research, in January property sales declined by 38 p ercent year-on-year in the first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Among the four cities, Guangzhou saw the most dramatic decrease of 65 percent year-on-year, followed by Beijing, where home sales dropped by over 40 percent. Country Garden, one of the country’s biggest developers, sold 33 billion yuan ($4.88 billion) of propRead More →

ted Nations Security Council (UNSC) draft resolution supporting dialogue in Venezuela, contrary to a US proposal that paves the way for an invasion. On Jan 23, the Trump administration recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the nation’s “interim pre sident,” a move that came after Maduro was inaugurated as president of the Latin American country earlier that month. US President Trump has also warned that “all options are on the table” regarding Venezuela. On Feb 1, the Trump administration announced that the United States is withdrawing fro m the INF Treaty with Russia within six months, starting from Feb 2. In response, Russian PresidentRead More →

 exert to secure gifts or arrange a romantic evening, while men often seek th e easiest means and least efforts needed to accomplish the much-disliked ob ligation of purchasing Valentine’s Day presents for their beloved or selecting a romantic spot to awe them on Valentine’s Day. On one hand, men might put much emphasis on the monetary value of the gifts that they buy or the cost of spending a ro mantic Valentine’s Day. They believe that expensive gifts and extravagant settings for the event will endear them to th e hearts of their loved ones. On the other hand, women might evaluate the romanticRead More →